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As the Democratic nominee in Texas’ 23rd congressional district, I seek to create a balance between our fragile earth and the numerous natural resources that are abundant in Texas, and to ensure the citizens of TX-23 have an environment that is free from toxins and waste while preserving the lifestyle that Texans expect while growing the economy.


Texas is the green energy capital of the Nation with some of the strongest winds and brightest sun in the country, but also has the highest levels of greenhouse gas. TX-23 contains vast wilderness, farms, and ranches and I will support energy producers in the district that produce alternative energies through economic and financial incentives to advance safer and cleaner energy production practices that will power our great State of Texas and lead our nation into the future.


I am committed to making Texas and Texas-23, leaders in the global energy production by expanding investments in clean-energy innovation and technology alongside oil and gas production. Hydraulic Fracking provides great jobs in TX-23 and I will support safer policies like incentivizing the use of recycled water in oil and gas operations that ensures the safety of their workers and of our natural resources.


Additionally, I view having clean and running water as a basic human right and support the modernization of national water preservation policies. Regions like the Mission Valley, Winter Garden, the Permian Basin, and the Edwards Plateau have long endured tremendous bouts of extreme weather including floods, droughts, freezes, and heat waves. I will introduce and vote for legislation that prohibits any abuse of scarce water in CD-23 and the SW Texas region. We must ensure we protect our precious waters from being polluted and misused.


I will ensure the Environmental Protection Agency is fully funded and has a plan to shift toward a carbon neutral future by 2050. I support America’s re-entry into the Paris Climate Accord and will do all I can to ensure the U.S. remains a leader in the fight. I will also support establishing strong energy efficiency standards and green building policies in government facilities and also incentives for the private sector. I am also committed to ensuring that the provisions of the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act are enforced for all industries.


The land in TX-23 is home to vast species of plants and wildlife. I am committed to working with regional partners across Texas and in Congress to protect and defend TX waterways and aquifers from MAN-MADE pollution and waste, including protecting tributaries and food sources that nourish our livestock and wildlife. 


As an avid runner, I love parks, trails and greenspaces and will support increased funding to our national, state, and local parks and public spaces to improve the quality of life for all citizens of TX-23. I will work for environmental justice for all Texans in TX-23 and I will promote and defend the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) which works to protect Native American lands and off-reservation lands. As a Member of Congress, I will support investments in the planting of native trees and drought-hardy species to help absorb greenhouse gasses and improve wildlife habitats.


Finally, low-income communities and communities of color suffer the most from environmental racism and environmental injustice. That’s why I will vote for the Environmental Justice For All Act because I am committed to racial justice reforms and will work to end such practices in towns, cities, and municipalities where racial inequity prevails. There is a need for more training and more resources and I intend to deliver these resources at the Federal level. I support investments in public education to better understand the benefits of energy conservation and our role in saving our planet. In order to have a healthy work environment, all people need to be able to work in harassment free zones and these standards should never be ignored.

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A True Texan
For Texas

John is the son of a Mexican American family of four in southeast San Antonio, a United States Marine Corps veteran, a dedicated father and husband, a devoted parishioner at St. Benedict’s Catholic Church, and a proud Texan.