Livable Wages and Labor Unions

Livable Wages and Labor Unions


From colonial times to the present, America’s workers and labor force built this great nation into the global economic powerhouse that we see today.  Without their labor, determination and sacrifice, this nation would not be well fed, would not have its technological advances and it would not be the prosperous nation it is today.  America must do all it can to make sure its workers are well paid, have access to affordable housing and health care and also, just as important, have the ability and the opportunity to save for their retirements.  


America must remain the land of economic opportunity for all workers and it must find ways to help our workers achieve a level playing field.  I support a livable working wage for all workers. Not just $15.00 an hour, but a wage that is consistent with the rate of inflation depending where in this nation you live.  


I also support America’s Unions.  Our Unions have led the way in protecting not just the rights of all workers, but the lives of all workers.  I support the right for workers to organize without coercion or the threat of retaliation and I support the fight to livable wages constantly being adjusted for inflation. Wherever you find labor unions in this nation, you will find democracy, equality and solidarity.


Above all, I support the sanctity of collective bargaining between labor unions and companies and I also will work hard to ensure that companies pay prevailing wages to workers in situations where there is no labor agreement.  Labor unions are also composed of highly skilled and trained professional workers.  Wherever you find Union made products you find quality products made by the best work force in the world.  


In Texas CD23, the future is calling for more opportunities for Union workers to show their talents in aerospace industries, infrastructure expansion and mass transportation projects.  This means more jobs for the 454,000 union members Texas had in 2021 and more opportunities for Texas Labors Unions to grow.  I will support and will work with private businesses in Texas and get them to understand the value Texas labor unions can bring to their profit margin.”

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John is the son of a Mexican American family of four in southeast San Antonio, a United States Marine Corps veteran, a dedicated father and husband, a devoted parishioner at St. Benedict’s Catholic Church, and a proud Texan.